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How do I get my CLUE report in Georgia?

This question is about CLUE Report Guide

You can get your CLUE report in Georgia online, by email, by phone, or by mailing a request form. All Georgians are entitled to one free copy of their CLUE report each year by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the reports must be requested directly from LexisNexis, the consumer reporting agency that creates them. 

How to Get Your CLUE Report in Georgia

  1. View your CLUE report online

  2. Call 866-897-8126 to request your CLUE report by phone

  3. Email LexisNexis:

  4. Mail a request form to: 

          LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Center

          P.O. Box 105018

          Atlanta, GA 30348-5108

What Is a CLUE Report?

CLUE stands for “comprehensive loss underwriting exchange,” and CLUE reports disclose the insurance claims history for a person or property. If you’re buying a house, you can learn the claims history of the property by requesting a CLUE report from the owner. Additionally, you can request a CLUE report for yourself to see your own history of auto and home insurance claims.

Your insurance company will view your CLUE report and use the information to help determine premiums, so knowing what is on there is always a smart idea. To learn more, check out WalletHub’s guide to CLUE reports

People also ask

How much does a CLUE report cost?

A CLUE report costs $0 for consumers requesting their personal report from LexisNexis. Individuals are entitled to one free copy of their LexisNexis CLUE report each year, while additional copies will cost $19.95 for each report. LexisNexis customer service representatives also say there is no charge for customers to access … read full answer

How can I view my CLUE report online?

You can view your CLUE report online by going to the LexisNexis website and filling out their electronic request form. LexisNexis is the consumer reporting agency that produces CLUE reports to provide information about individuals and properties to organizations like banks and insurance companies. You can also request a copy … read full answer

How many years does a CLUE report go back?

CLUE report goes back seven years and includes every auto insurance claim you’ve filed from that time frame, even if you weren’t issued a ticket or found to be at-fault for the incident. The same is true for home insurance claims caused by things like water damage or burglary. … read full answer

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