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Homebuyer's Guide

For homebuyers at any stage of their home buying process, ASHI offers resources and information to help them reach their goal of buying a new home.


Home Buying Process

Every home buying process is different for everyone and can be daunting for first-time buyers. In this section, the various steps that many homebuyers may take are outlined, beginning with the initial planning phase through closing on the home.

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Choosing the Right Inspector

To help homebuyers choose the right inspector for their needs, ASHI has compiled a list of questions to consider as they research potential candidates to hire for their home inspection.

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Home Inspection FAQs

The home inspection is a crucial step within the home buying process. In this section, ASHI explains what homebuyers can expect during their home inspection and answer some questions that homebuyers commonly have.

Common Questions about Inspections >>

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