Leadership Opportunities

ASHI stands out as an association because it is led by its member, for its members. Pulling leaders from within the membership allows ASHI leadership to fully understand the concerns and wishes of the members they will be representing. ASHI Members wishing to help shape ASHI's future and the home inspection industry can find many opportunities to lead within the association. Some of the endeavors and opportunities that the leadership of ASHI undertakes are as follows:

  • Represent ASHI and its membership on a national level.

  • Contribute to ASHI's mission and execute its vision.

  • Receive recognition for your involvement and support.

  • Build and strengthen relationships.

  • Network with individuals across the real estate industry.

  • Enhance your leadership skills.

  • Learn from fellow leaders within the industry.

  • Share your ideas and expertise.

  • Give back to your profession.

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ASHI leaders are expected to hold open and insightful discussion with their peers about the home inspection industry and ASHI's role within the profession. Leadership works in conjunction with the other moving forces within ASHI to implement new initiatives and uphold the organization's policies. Through these collaborative efforts, ASHI remains a resounding voice for the profession.

For all leadership positions, ASHI searches for individuals who exhibit the following attributes and actions:

  • Act with the utmost integrity on behalf of the organization's best interests.

  • Is committed to the mission and values of the organization.

  • Treats other leaders and staff professionals with respect.

  • Takes advantage of opportunities to become more educated about the organization and its environment.

  • Avoids conflicts of interests.

  • Acts on behalf of the broad mission and long-term interests of the organization, not on the interests of a single constituency.


Time commitments and specific responsibilities vary depending on the leadership role.


Nomination Application

ASHI Georgia is now accepting applications for open leadership positions to help further its mission to advance the home inspection profession through education, standards, and advocacy. Supporting ASHI Georgia programming and serving on the board provides incredible opportunities to expand your network, gain new skills, and enhance your career.

Applications must be completed and submitted by Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Criminal Background Check: All applicants must submit to a criminal background check. A current Background Verified Inspector badge fulfills this requirement. If an applicant does not have a current background check on file, the applicant must have an approved criminal background check by July 31, 2022. Please contact headquarters for more information about criminal background check requirements.

2023 ASHI Leadership Application

Application for President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director.

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Applicant Questions

Acknowledgment of Duty as an ASHI Officer or Director


To All prospective ASHI nominees to Officers and Board of Directors, 

If elected as an officer or director, you are legally and ethically required

to fulfill several duties and obligations. You will be required to sign an anti-trust and conflict of interest agreement like the one below. Please review the information below and sign that you understand that this will be a requirement of the office.

Anti-Trust Statement

ASHI, its chapters, committees, and members totally ban any and all anti-trust activities, express or implied. This includes, for example, fixing inspection prices, carving up territories, and determining the level of inspection services. Consumer choice for those seeking inspectors and their services is always encouraged. The ASHI Bylaws and ASHI Policy located in Sections 3.2 and 3.3 provide additional details that must be followed. Anti-trust activity is strongly discouraged both in and out of meetings. If a meeting attendee sees a possible violation, this should interrupt the meeting and be pointed out.

Conflict of Interest

Any member of ASHI serving on a committee or the Board of Directors must report, based on the agenda, any actual or potential conflict of interest to the other members at the beginning of the meeting. And, if this conflict comes up unexpectedly during a business meeting, the meeting must be interrupted, and the conflict reported to the other Board or Committee attendees. The conflict typically means a personal business or financial interest or a particular person or family interest of some kind on a matter to be considered. After being reported a decision should be made by both the individual involved and the rest of the meeting attendees if the conflict creates a problem in reaching an impartial decision on the subject being considered. If it does, even just arguably, the member should not vote and in most cases, leave the meeting during the ensuing discussion and any vote. Additional details on this ASHI Policy can be found in 4.9 of ASHI’s Policy Manual. 

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